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Monte Strong.

“Hot Beat”
by Monte Strong

We here at TVC corp. usually like to make our own doodles. But we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to involve one of Vancouver’s finest local artists, Monte Strong. With TVC’s fourth EP being kind of a big deal for us, we wanted the art to have the same statement of quality and passion as the music.

We are so thrilled to present Monte’s piece, “Hot Beat”, as official album art for TVC’s upcoming fourth EP. We think the piece really captures the style of music we strive for; subtle and unique layers built upon each other to create vivid colours and textures. The soft warm colours and sharp edges also compliment the current theme spectacularly. ┬áBut enough of our take, here’s what the original artist has to say:

‘This work is inspired by the metaphor of music as geometry. Consistent repetition with each beat building on the next to create visual form and structure.’

You can find more of Monte Strong’s art on his Etsy.

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