I will break, eventually; but don’t regret what you’ve started.”

“I/O”, released August 2013, is the fourth and final EP in the 2011-2013 EP collection. Representing Winter, the EP sheds the natural and simple tones of the Fall EP, “Dandruff”, for edgier, harsher riffs and electronic treatments. Careful layering of these elements achieve a full and diverse experience. This can be realized immediately with the title track, “I/O”, where a deliberate arrangement of synths, guitars, and percussives breathe new life into a simple, yet fundamental, melody and rhythm. “Human” continues this production style, delivering increasing energy and chaos; ultimately concluding with “Higher”, and its signature three-guitar solo. Then, a sudden silence.

The final track, “In Circles”, represents not only the end of the EP, but the end of the collection; a collection that became more than a two-year journey of knowledge and fellowship for The Velvet Chameleon. The lyrics, although surrendering to the end of a chapter, promise a continued struggle for life, love, and purpose. For the protagonist, The Road goes on.

Featured Artists:

Adarsh Fernando – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Percussion.
Raphaël Perdiau – Drums.
Wesley Krauss – Keys (Higher; In Circles).

Mixed and Produced by Adarsh Fernando.
Mastered by Brock at CPS Mastering.
Drums tracked by Ben “Jammyn” Webster.

Songs and Lyrics written by Adarsh Fernando.

Art created by Adarsh Fernando and Monte Strong.


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